Designing with the body


Based on choosing a movement that is woven in your daily routine, I chose the movement of pulling down my sleeves and playing with it with my fingers. This has a calming effect because you are stimulating the nerves in your fingers and there by distracting your brain from being stressed or uncomfortable (also called pacifying behavior). To enhance this effect of comforting yourself we (Anthea Crown, Deniz Altuntas and me) developed the prototype Zensation. Sleeves with which you can activate warmth on you back and shoulders by playing with your sleeves. The  heating fabric is placed in lines where, according to the pressure points of acupuncture,  we collected a lot of stress and tension in the body. So play with your sleeves and double the calming effect.



Concept and prototype developed during Skills Tour #4: Interactive textiles




In collaboration with: Anthea Crown, Deniz Altuntas, TIO3 Ronse Belgium